Monday, March 12, 2007

Parental Photo Gallery

Our celebrity parents were busy over the weekend - shopping fr baby clothes, shopping for coffees, shopping for media exposure. Here is a recap.
Heidi Klum looks fantastic. Hasn't she had, like, 12 kids?

Desperate Housewives star, Marcia Cross, takes a stroll with the father of her children. I'd say she's looking good, but, ak! The leisure suit!

Queen of Botox, Terri Hatcher, takes a stroll with her daughter, Emerson Rose, and what's-his-face.

Patrick Dempsey takes a break for it. He cycles away from his twins, Darby and Sullivan.

Linsay Lohan is someone's baby. Is it wrong that she's the baby of her manager?

Naomi Watts

Thanks for the tip, Stephen!

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