Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who's Your Mommy?

Wacky Michael Jackson is being sued for custody of Jackson's three children by a woman who claims to be their biological mother. London-based Nona Paris Lola Jackson states she carried and delivered, via waterbirth, Prince Michael I, 10, Paris Michael, 9; and Prince Michael II (aka Blanket), 5. Jackson's ex-wife Deborah Rowe is generally acknowledged to be the mother of Jackson's two older children, but it is unknown who gave birth to Blanket.

I love this story - one day we will all find out the real deal about Jackson's children and I can guarantee it will be WEIRD. I just hope that the children aren't being too screwed-up by Jackson.

The details in this law suit are the best part. Why does Ms. Nona Paris Lola Jackson think the detail of delivering via waterbirth makes her story more credible? And, why does she have the names Paris and Jackson in her name? Stay tuned...
A court hearing has been set for 2 and 30 May.

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