Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Madge Hires Gang of Teens, Adopts a Village

Madonna, Lourdes and David continues their do-gooding yesterday. When I look at these photos I keep wondering, how hot is it there? Madge looks pretty good for what I imagine must be stifling heat. Then I looked it up - it's about 23C, or73F. Not hot at all! In that case, Madge could be looking better...

The 48-year-old announced she was planning to run the Home of Hope orphan village, where her son David Banda used to live. She said: "I might take over the orphanage because the pastor here is getting old and is about to retire."

She plans to spend up to a month a year there overseeing the orphanage, hospital and farming projects she is helping to fund. She is using her current trip to Africa to look for a suitable piece of land on which to build her plantation. She will meet planners, farmers and environmentalists with a view to building a self-sufficient estate powered by sustainable energy.

Yesterday, Malawi police and stone-throwing school students blocked journalists from covering pop star Madonna's visit to an orphanage on Tuesday where the boy she is adopting was due to meet his biological father. Click here for he full story.

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