Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dannielynn and Larry Birkhead Now in USA

Larry Birkhead kept Dannie Lynn's head covered.

Dannielynn Hope Birkhead is in America for the first time. She arrived in Louisville, Kentucky with her daddy this afternoon to visit his family. Larry and Danni are causing a media frenzy with cars and helicopters already chasing them. No word on how long they stay, but they will eventually go to Los Angeles.

“Dannielynn is mesmerized,” says the access hollywood reporter. “She is incredibly calm as the world flies by outside.” The child has been in good spirits the entire monumental day. Earlier, on the plane AH reported Dannielynn had a pleasant flight.

“She ate, slept, played and ate again,” he recounted. “She barely even fussed.”

As for the baby’s father Larry, his flight was enjoyable too. The first time dad, Potts reports, had a great time laughing and playing with his baby girl.

Access Hollywood has been with the duo the whole time. You can visit their site to see footage of DanniHope moving!

I'm glad to hear that Roxy, Dannie lyn's nanny, is still with her. She is the only person the poor baby really knows.


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