Thursday, May 3, 2007

Mel B Going to Court for Paternity Test

Melanie Brown: 'Eddie Is A Poor Role Model For Black Fathers'.... Singer Melanie Brown has again hit out at her ex-boyfriend Eddie Murphy for refusing to take a DNA test to prove if he's the father of her baby daughter - calling the actor a poor role model as a black dad.

The former Spice Girl, Scary Spice, was stunned when Murphy publicly ended their romance on a Dutch TV show in December (06) - when she was five months pregnant - and claimed he didn't know if he was the dad of her then-unborn baby. Brown's daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown was born last month (Apr07).

The British star now wants Murphy to face up to his responsibilities..

She says, "He doesn't want to do the Dna (test) and he doesn't want to sign the birth certificate. I'm not quite sure, but I don't think it's a very good representation for a black father in 2007."

Brown adds, "I've got no bad feelings. I feel sorry that this baby isn't seeing her dad and isn't having the beautiful contact. I just want to get a move on and I just think it's disappointing that it's ended like this, so publicly."


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